We value independent thinking and innovation within the team and our portfolio and maintain an environment of radical openness.



We are opportunistic, flexible and decisive, but remain 100% research driven.


Renaissance Digital Assets is a blockchain investment and advisory firm.


Our advisory and investment decisions are driven by research and supported by knowledge networks that include Industry Executives, Key Opinion Leaders, Influencers, Fund Managers and Academic Institutions.


We provide extensive ICO advisory services, primarily to the companies that we identified as a target for our investment arm.

Renaissance Digital Assets (“Renda”) is a boutique ICO advisory and investment firm in the Asia Pacific region. Our goal is to turn every ICO we choose as our client/investment into a successful project measured by return and blockchain technology integration into our lives.


Main steps include building awareness of ICO in the marketplace, engaging with KOLs and influencers, bringing strategic institutional investors (i.e. trying to differentiate from other ICOs and token), but most importantly providing the post-ICO support converting investors into supporters and promoters of the project.



In our extensive experience, most of the ICOs lose the momentum right after token generation event due to poor communication with their investor base, failing to continue growing their community up, failing to deliver the correct marketing plan and future opportunity message to the broader audience and failing to provide access to tokens via main exchanges. Our aim is not to fix the problems, but avoid them at any costs.


When you are too close to a situation you need to step back and get a little perspective

Building Public Reputation: Production and distribution of all corporate communication materials to the investment community and media. We will help you develop and refine key messages for consistent incorporation into communications.


Investor, Broker and Corporate Advisor Roadshows: Highly targeted introductions and roadshows to development key relationships with investor and capital market participants (private equity, family offices, stockbroking firms, sophisticated investors).


Community Management: providing community, bounty, social and influencer Management services for ICO Projects tailored to ICO projects of different scales and scope.
Strategic Advice: Provide ongoing strategic and corporate advice and counsel from our significant experience in capital markets and the media. Initial loyalty and support of the project can be lost very easily if the investor community feel that the project’s management & development team are not listening to them throughout the launch process due to lack of communication and direction. We address the deficiencies in strategic messaging to existing token and investor community.


Thought leadership and engagement with KOLs and influencers: With technology, policy and social trends evolving rapidly, it is critical for the company’s key personnel to be positioned as expert thought leaders by providing timely, relevant commentary and opinion on the latest news events to build their profiles and avoid the business losing relevance.


Post-ICO Support: Post-ICO communication with investor base and continuous community building on telegram and other social media channels. Promoting a focused growth strategy for the Company.


Technical Review: Renaissance team has a vast experience of providing advice on how to improve token structure, tokenomics and white paper technical content.
We will facilitate introductions to crypto exchanges and help to navigate through this process.


Our team is spread across offices in London, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, we have the resources, relationships and experience.


Renda’s team brings a wealth of journalistic, public relations, marketing and social media experience and expertise in helping ICOs formulate their messages and communicate them with maximum effect. We work across all media channels and have strong relationships with key news organisations, journalists, decision makers, opinion leaders and influencers.


Renda’s investor relations team are capital markets specialists, with backgrounds spanning stockbroking, funds management, financial communications and corporate advisory.


This experience enables them to best pitch our clients message and newsflow so as to appeal to ICO investors. We also have strong relationships with brokers and fund managers nationwide for the organisation and execution of targeted and effective roadshows.